Knud Stangegård

Knud Stangegård
Nature and fishing guide

I am a certified Sports Fishing Guide, and bring guests around on the beautiful island I have lived on for the last 28 years.

I am also a nature guide at GeoCenter Møns Klint, and have intimate knowledge about the bird life, fishing areas, flowers, geology and nature on our beautiful island.

As a certified Sports Fishing Guide, I am a qualified first aid helper, and I have full insurance coverage, because I am responsible for your well-being and safety in the unlikely event that a situation may arise during our fishing trips together.

The Danish Sports Fishing Guide Association have rules of ethics and professional conduct, which we must follow to ensure that fishing and catch and release are done in a sustainable manner.

I offer a broad range of activities, such as one day trips fishing from the beach using waders, day trips with my special pontoon boat along the coast, and trips of several days duration.

I also offer sale of professional fishing equipment, such as fly fishing rigs, wheels, lines, spinning rigs and any combination of those.

Give me a call, and I will bring along the necessary equipment.

  • Age: 60 years old
  • Seatime Experience: 40 years
  • Languages Spoken: English and Danish
+45 40 86 19 24